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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Automatic Vehicle transmission fluid colors, along with other transmission symptoms, can be an indication of a possible automatic transmission problem. The color of your transmission fluid by itself, is NOT a reliable indicator. Transmission fluid colors varies widely with modern transmission fluid. Darkening of transmission fluid with age is a normal characteristic. Most new transmission fluid will have a bright to dark red, color. A transmission can have a lot of wear on it and still have clean red transmission fluid. It could also have dark transmission fluid and still be in great condition. Transmission fluid tends to get darker, and more brown looking in color as it ages. This is normal and does not necessary indicate a problem, in and of itself. The color dye used in the fluid changes over time and some color change is to be expected. Heat can also causes transmission fluid to darken in color. A more reliable indicator of a transmission fluid condition is the time and mileage since the transmission fluid and filter has been replaced. Transmission fluid will usually last 30,000 miles and some transmission fluid much longer, unless there are other problems. We Recommend getting your transmission fluid check every 12 months. Burnt Transmission fluid will be almost black and have a strong burned smell. If the transmission fluid is burnt, simply changing it will do you no good. Burnt transmission fluid is a symptom and indicates other problems. The transmission fluid is burned because a failure has occurred. A few possible causes can include a failing torque converter, slipping clutches, or bad solenoids. There is usually other symptoms, such as gear slipping. Don't Delay get your free transmission check today. Eagle Transmission of Mesquite will check your transmission fluid free of charge and let you know if it's time to service it. Eagle Transmission Shop of Mesquite Serving Dallas, Balch Springs, Garland, Terrell

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