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When should I have my Automatic Transmission serviced?
December 19, 2011

Transmission Fluid-The “Forgotten Fluid”

Servicing your vehicle’s Automatic Transmission is VERY important, but seems to be the “Forgotten Fluid”.

You may be asking yourself: “When should I have my Automatic Transmission serviced?”

Super Car Will Not Use Manual Transmission Again
December 14, 2011

Super Car Will Not Use Manual Transmission Again

Currently super car enthusiast still believe speed manual transmission is much better than the automatic. But in the future, the manual transmission is believed to be missing from sports cars and even a super car will also use an automatic transmission.

Chrysler Pushing Back Dual-Clutch Transmission in 200, Avenger
December 12, 2011

Chrysler Group has hit another bump in the road on the way to putting a dual-clutch transmission (DCT) in some of its vehicles. The Dodge Avenger and Chrysler 200 were slated to receive six-speed dry dual-clutch transmissions for the 2012 model year.

Revolutionary new 6-speed automatic transmission introduced at Frankfurt Motor Show
December 7, 2011

Frankfurt - Antonov unveils today its newest automatic transmission, the 6-speed Antonov Automatic Drive (AAD). Radically compact, the new-generation AAD is designed to meet the demand for a 6-speed automatic suited to small- and medium-sized vehicles with transverse engines and front-wheel drive.

Hyundai developing new 10-speed automatic transmission
December 5, 2011

Meeting increasingly demanding CAFE requirements while still maintaining the kind of overall drivability that consumers insist upon has become a key challenge for all automakers.

How To Avoid Transmission Problems
December 3, 2012

The transmission (read “automatic”) is one of the most complicated parts of the vehicle. Its repair often tends to be difficult and expensive. Moreover, automatic transmission issues can be dangerous in some situations. Hence, it becomes necessary to maintain the transmission the right way.

My Check Engine Light Is On!
November 1, 2011

We all dread the day that were driving down the road and the infamous check engine light pops on. Our first reaction is what is causing this to happen and I hope it doesn't cost a fortune to fix.  The first step is to bring your car into our shop and we can perform a FREE diagnostic to see why the check engine light is on.

New Website but same great service
November 1, 2011

Welcome to the Official website for Eagle Transmission Mesquite. We wanted to better serve you and even give you more of a reason to bring your car to Eagle Transmission.