Transmission Repair

Unfortunately, many people ignore the transmission system until there is a major problem by noticing it and hoping that problem will work itself out. The result, as the problem becomes more severe, is usually even more extensive damage.


The following symptoms may indicate a problem with your transmission:

  • Failing or delayed shifting
  • Thumping or lagging when shifting
  • The engine revs up when you apply the gas, but the car doesn't
  • Red, pink, or brown puddles underneath your car
  • The consistent need to add transmission fluid
  • Unusual noises, such as a whining sound when you step on the accelerator, a grinding noise, or a banging noise when you come to a stop
  • Your car fails to move when cold, but improves once it’s warmed up
  • An overheating engine
  • Should you suspect a problem with your vehicle, call Eagle Transmissions at either our new Garland/Richardson location or our Mesquite location. One of our customer friendly highly skilled technicians will be happy to offer you a NO OBLIGATION FREE CONSULTATION.